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City of Bloomington Administration Office

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Application for Mayoral Appointment to a Board, Commission, Committee, or City Council Vacancy

To Those Interested in Appointment:
The City of Bloomington has a variety of opportunities to serve on numerous standing boards and commissions, as well as occasional “ad hoc” committees that are formed for a limited term to consider a specific issue or project.

Appointments to these groups are made by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council, except where provided otherwise by statute or ordinance. Terms of appointment vary, but are often for three years.

Vacancies occur sporadically and infrequently. Most standing groups have a fixed number of members, and some may have special requirements for membership, such as residence within the City or even in a particular section of the City. Additionally, when a City Council Member resigns mid-term, the Mayor may appoint a temporary Council Member from the Ward recently vacated. This indivdual would serve the remaining term up until the election.

The City strives to appoint members who are interested, wellqualified, and free from bias or conflict of interest. Appointments are made without discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability unrelated to ability. Additional standards of selection may include an applicant’s expertise and experience in the group’s subject matter (including previous service), fresh perspective, communication skills, knowledge of the diverse community, availability, ethical standards, and other relevant factors. The appointment process may include an oral interview, appearance before the City Council, and possibly a background investigation.

The City relies on these groups to provide not only experience and expertise in the subject matter, but also to provide general citizen input into the policy making process. To properly represent our citizens, members of these groups must have ample time to not only attend meetings, but also to research issues and be available and willing to discuss issues with citizens. 

You may attach further sheets or materials as necessary for completeness.

By fully completing and submitting this application, you are indicating your interest and qualification to serve. This document will be maintained in a pool of applications until appointment or 24 months from the date of submission, whichever is earlier. At that point, resubmission will be required.

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      REQUIRED for City Council Mid-Term Vacancies Only: Cover letter outlining interest in the position and the Applicant's vision for the community.


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